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The MGH Nurses’ Alumni Association supports nursing education and professional development, research, and community engagement, and works to record and maintain the history of nursing at MGH.


Continuing the legacy of the MGH School of Nursing (1873 - 1981), the Association has over 650 members including graduates of the original MGH School of Nursing as well as graduates of the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: A Chance Discovery Leads to History of Research Nursing at MGH. Article by Susan Fisher, NAA Board Member and Chair of the NAA's Publication Committee.  Click here.

2024 Nursing Lecture Series #1: "Managing Covid on the Inpatient Services". Click here.

Annual Natalie Petzoid Lecture on April 1, 2024 Click here. Kimberly Glassman, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL, FAAN, Dean, Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing presented the Annual Natalie Petzold Endowed Lecture, “Leading through Calm and Calamity”.  She shared her leadership experience in leading during planned and unplanned change.


150th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Homecoming

Close to 200 NAA members and guests convened on September 22 and 23, 2023 for a wonderful celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the MGH SON and our Annual Homecoming.  See EVENTS page for details.


*Click HERE to see a special 30-minute video on the History of the MGH School of Nursing


*Click HERE for the 150th Anniversary slide show



In the November issue of the ANA MA Report on Nursing, Inge Corliss interviewed Barbara Dunderdale and Ann Collins for the article “1872 The Founding of the MGH School of Nursing”. November 2023 Volume 22 Number 4.

p 4. Click HERE


The IHP’s John Shaw, Director of Communication, wrote a comprehensive article, “Celebrating a Legacy of Nursing Education Excellence”.  Click HERE



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