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Graduates of the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, and students and graduates of the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing, in good standing, are eligible for membership in this Association.



Active Members

All members who pay the assessed dues of the Association shall be active members with full privileges.  These privileges include voting, holding office, serving on committees, receiving a subscription to publications, and such other privileges as the NAA may herein-after designate.


Student Members

Students in the MGH IHP SON are eligible for student membership status in the NAA with full student privileges.  These privileges include eligibility for NAA Scholarships and Awards, and a subscription to publications, but will not include: voting, holding office, or serving on committees.  Student membership is free of charge until graduation.


Complimentary Life Members

Complimentary Life Membership will be conferred upon all alumni members upon completion of their 60th year of active membership, with all the benefits of Active Members.



» MGHNAA Membership Application

Dues are $30 per year, payable by March 1.  For current members, you can pay your dues using PayPal or send a check payable to the MGH Nurses’ Alumni Association to:


MGH Nurses’ Alumni Association, Inc.   

P O Box 6234   

Boston, MA 02114